Young students and the pressure they are dealing with

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As a person who is currently taking my second year of psychology in college, my biggest problem regarding the pressure given to students is just this… I have no idea what to do with it.

I think many people get this and can relate to how young they are for their age group. From my own experience, like someone approaching adulthood, having young kids and getting an extra job (no joke) just feels like I’m about to fall in love with someone, it’s also a good way to deal with that. Maybe not romantic, but I can’t stop thinking about the excitement this brings me when I see how much it makes my heart pound when I hear their name and what kind of day they’re having. It brings me so much joy seeing them all smiling because they’re here, happy and enjoying life, and I hope that any time I see them, I’ll be there to give them everything I possibly can.

Being away from home and being able to spend more time at school is not an easy task when you’re under the influence of caffeine pills or other stimulants. At times, it seems as though everyone just wants this “new” lifestyle, even though a lot of people don’t have a clue how to maintain it, or even begin to realize just how much they need it. When my sister was younger, she had been through such struggles and struggled with depression, anxiety, and social issues, so much so that she’s now finally graduating high school and going on her first summer job during vacation, she only has 2 years left of schooling to take advantage of before she starts university next semester. She has already gone through several different jobs because we live around campus here in Australia, so she has an open mind and is ready to go at that point. My brother isn’t even out on his own yet, but he’s still in the middle of things, and I believe will continue to for at least another few weeks until school begins. That’s where I’ll start worrying. This is the worst part for me because I’ve seen what it does to students when they try to find ways of dealing with the stress of having work, homeschooling, and college to attend while still keeping their friends active. If she doesn’t do this during exams or during lunchtime, then she will struggle terribly on the assignments that they will be doing, with every little excuse she could come up with. Even if she gets good grades for one assignment and poor results for the rest, she’d either have to repeat it or get some help from teachers or teachers won’t allow her to try again and will just tell her parents about it. However, once we start the semester that she needs to study for her finals, I think that she should consider applying that extra focus she hasn’t had to study. This would be better than trying to do anything else during classes to keep everyone happy, and it’s also probably easier. The main thing for me is making sure my child has a healthy relationship with everything; this comes after my last article, which basically stated that sometimes it’s hard for younger children to understand and process information. Her best friend is already older and we do talk occasionally, but I think my advice is to let her find it out on her own. She loves swimming and playing video games on our Xbox, and her favorite class is art classes, so I don’t think she will mind if she studies on her own instead of doing it with us. She loves painting because it gives her hands something to hold and enjoy, but if I asked her for one of those class projects, I wouldn’t want to give her these projects because that wouldn’t be fair to her, and it would also not be fair to the teacher’s standards, and she might hate doing the project, but it would save money and time to pay her tutor a little bit cheaper if our company used her own paints instead. In addition, knowing we would both receive the same grade, I’d also worry about my daughter not caring for herself because not studying is hard enough. Also, when your kid is the oldest and needs the most attention from you, I’d never ever want to be the parent who has to decide whether or not she’s going to be an excellent student or not because my little girl’s self-love should be high enough to make sure she knows it’s okay with me, but I know she will struggle with staying motivated and not having anyone support her.

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