Is there freedom of speech in social media?

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I came across this subject during one of my classes, and it really opened my eyes to some new concepts for our society. Before Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Tumblr, Instagram were so popular. Now things have changed drastically with the introduction of these new platforms. A social media site is a software application in which users can upload or post content to a website. We already know social media sites are used by people all around the world. Most of us know we can use Facebook, Instagram or any other social media platform we want. So far I think they are still not free, but it seems like maybe one day we will be able to share anything we want. Even if you like an action you want to do like something negative or positive, there’s nothing wrong about that. People will do whatever they want on their platform without considering your opinion, so I believe this kind of freedom isn’t bad at all and will never go away. So what’s the problem? Well, the question is, why must we have such limits? For many years internet is basically free for everyone until you pay for ad space on every webpage you visit. What the article written by Adam Mosseri, who is a professor of Electrical Engineering, Computer Science and Robotics in Harvard University wants to say you need to think twice about how much effort you would put into just looking at a picture, then being able to write an essay in a journal or start writing a book just because someone told you to. This is like “Why should we impose limits?” I mean it sounds good if they’re trying to solve a hypothetical problem, but what I’m hearing from their research was actually related to social media. They’re saying all the time if you search or browse through different pages in your browser, or even in a blog you’re always reading ads. You get paid for seeing ads! Isn’t that right? And that’s what I’m worried about. How do we let our imagination live inside our heads? Especially when people are becoming more and more addicted to Facebook and Instagram. Our brains want to see this thing we have in our reality and we want to see it out there like it’s real. Like if you go somewhere and you see advertisements on TV on the street (like commercials of car rental agencies). And when you see these advertisements, you don’t read anything at all. It’s just your brain thinking, ‘if I see this commercial, it’s definitely going to show up.’ My point is, can’t we just have freedom of imagination, and let our mind wander and be creative like other people? That doesn’t make us stupid. Just that because I like it or like what a movie director does, it doesn’t mean I’ve started watching movies and doing crazy actions.

There’s also this idea that we need information, to understand, that we need to use certain apps, and we’ll do everything we can to find the answer to a problem if only we could. We could have used Wikipedia and Google instead of searching random stuff. But the reality might be different and sometimes we won’t be as smart as we thought we were just because it’s easy. Maybe there’s a chance that using those apps may help us, just like taking pictures on the phone might help us to remember names of school classmates. Also think about this situation. When we took a class, we had to take a test to prove that we have learned everything we were supposed to learn. In today’s society, everything revolves around knowing all the answers to problems and having knowledge. Because if we didn’t know the answers, we wouldn’t know anything after learning it or having knowledge. But now we just don’t know and think we have knowledge no matter how much it is wrong.

So in conclusion, whether it’s social media or blogging, or even something else, people have got to be allowed some freedom, and I hope that someday we can have better ideas and thoughts. Nobody has ever said that computers shouldn’t be allowed to think. The truth is, people don’t have time to stop thinking. They’re too busy with things that are out of reach them. Don’t you think so? I just wish people could express themselves freely. If you’re someone who wants to tell your story without anyone telling it to you, or for example if you want to tell stories about yourself, talk about your dreams, your aspirations, what motivates you to accomplish goals, all of those things should be expressed without asking anybody in return for recognition. I think people are great thinkers. Maybe because of how we learn best in person. So don’t limit yourselves by thinking your not being smart enough.

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